tube amplifier

V 40

Connect Tablets and Smartphones by Bluetooth, CD Players and Turntables* by RCA Auxiliary and PC’s and Laptops using the micro USB.

The valves, supplied by JJ Electronics are renowned for being long-lasting and providing superb tonal qualities.

The v40 will deliver a warm rich sound from all your source devices.

Our v40 valve amplifier combines the latest in connectivity. Superior valves to provide the warm sound associated with tube amplifiers and a high-quality built-in DAC.

The inclusion of a Bluetooth receiver allows all your Bluetooth enabled devices to connect effortlessly with the v40.

v40 also benefits from the aptX Bluetooth codec. aptX has revolutionised the Bluetooth listening experience by reducing the bit rate without affecting the audio quality, resulting in CD quality sound.

Blue Aura V40 ...... 599 €

The v40 Blackline has been designed to provide the best possible sonic performance.
The transformers are high-efficiency toroidal type, offering better heat dissipation and low leakage current resulting in very low distortion levels.

The use of European valves help to produce the warm, rich sound associated with valve amplifiers.’s a small unit that combines tubes with the convenience of Bluetooth for hooking up to your mobile device. It’s different, but sounds superb“.  Hi-Fi World

The amplifier uses two audio processing valves along with a volume indicator valve. Connect all your source devices using the supplied cables or by Bluetooth.

v40 also benefits from a sub out feature allowing subwoofers to be connected to enrich the overall music experience.

Amplifier Type
Power Output
Class A/B
30w per channel
Freq. Response.23Hz – 100 KHz +/- 2dB
Harmonic distortion30W/0.7% , 1W/0.18%
Signal to noise ratio88dB ‘A’-weighted / 66 dB FLAT
Input Impedance50K Ω
Input Sensitivity580mV +/- 5% @30W
Output impedance4 / 8 Ω
Vacuum tube type12AU7/ECC82 x 2 6e2 x 1
Audio InputsRCA/USB micro B/3.5mm
mini jack/Bluetooth 4.0 inc. aptX
Audio OutputsSub out (20Hz~850Hz)
Power SupplyAC 230V/50Hz
DimensionsH: 148mm W: 264mm
D: 215 mm
Weight: 3.5Kg