R 11

R 11 A DREAM COME TRUE Ole Klifoth – Partner, and head of engineering – says about the creation of Audiovector’s ultimate speaker, the R 11 Arreté: “It was a dream come true to concentrate more than 35 years of experience and build the R 11 Arreté without limitations to materials and costs. The guideline for the R 11 Arreté project was: Absolute Perfection. Zero Compromise”. WE HAD TO REWRITE THE RULE BOOK OF SPEAKER DESIGN The Audiovector R 11 Arreté is very special and unconventional in the way it uses multiple rear firing bass drivers in a line source configuration. “In order to build a speaker with Audiovector aesthetics and to exploit the advantages of Audiovector’s ‘tear drop’ shape, we had to rewrite the rule book of speaker design.” THE PERFECT SHAPE Audiovector’s ‘tear-drop’ shape is as close to the perfect acoustic shape as you can get in the real world. This shape eliminates the usual delay problems created by internal damping, and allows for an extremely low level of coloration – also aided by the very stiff and inert cabinet.

COLORS AND VENEERS At Audiovector we only use carefully selected real wood veneers. We offer a broad variety of custom painted finishes which are painted in Denmark. Availability on request. Standard Piano finishes: Madrona Burl Piano, Italian Grey Piano, Black Piano, White Piano. BLACK CLOTH GRILLE INCLUDED CUSTOM PIANO COLORS ON REQUEST

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