Opereta 2DCT Rca to RCA

Black Rhodium’s new Operetta 2 DCT stereo interconnect is a new design based on the highly successful Operetta interconnect, but with a much higher performance designed for customers who seek high-end audio performance without a high-end price tag. Operetta 2 DCT is a very special product due to the use of Deep Cryogenic Treatment of conductor wires to carry the very complex electrical signals that convert to your favourite music. Operetta 2 DCT is screened against external radio frequency interference by a closely woven silver plated copper screen. A conductive layer is installed between the insulation and screen to eliminate tribo-electric effects (microphonic noise). Operetta 2 DCT is hand assembled at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby.

Deep Cryogenic Treatment of conductors Braided silver plated copper screen PTFE and air insulation Outer diameter: 5.7mm Cable manufactured in England RCA to RCA termination as standard

Opereta 2DCT Rca to Rca 1.0m 600€