mytek brooklin dac +

mytek brooklin dac+ --- 2199€

Brooklyn DAC+ – English

“Designed in New York, USA and Made in Poland proudly says the founder Michal Jurewicz about their products.”

Brooklyn DAC+ – English

John Darko Channel

For those looking for an elevated listening experience the DAC+ is a feature rich and great sounding unit that should be considered. We have come a long way with the quality of codecs and file compression, but for a guy who still really connects with and enjoys the ritual of putting a record on, the DAC+ is a welcome tool and winner.”

Brooklyn DAC+ – English

” James A. Michener in his 1971 novel ‘The Drifters’ indulges in a bit of cheap psychologising, suggesting hi-fi fans are principally interested in a sense of control.”

Brooklyn DAC+ – English” The DAC+ is a rich digital to analogue converter in many ways. The feature set is outstanding.You not only get a great performing DAC, but also a wonderful headphone amplifier, pre-amplifier, phono stage.

Brooklyn DAC+ – English

“In the year since I sampled Brooklyn’s music scene review of Mytek HiFi’s Brooklyn DAC—there’s been a lot of local music news”
Jim Austin

Brooklyn DAC+ – English

“There are many reasons to dig Mytek’s Brooklyn DAC (US$1995): a full suite of digital inputs including USB support for 32bit/384kHz and DSD256; “

Brooklyn DAC+ – English

“The overall impression is of a very well built product, with quality components throughout, attention to detail and nice touches.”

Brooklyn DAC+ – English

“Audiophilia Forever: An Expensive New Year’s Shopping Guide”
David Denby

Brooklyn DAC+ “I had spotted the DAC + at the recent RMAF 2017  in the lobby with Jurewicz, where it was being debuted and was sufficiently impressed to accept his offer of reviewing it.”Karl Sigman

                                                                                       Brooklyn DAC+

                                                                                                         Designed in New York
                   The only reasonably priced high end DAC with MQA hardware decoder needed to hear full original resolution of Tidal Masters
                                                                                                Now shipping in silver or black

Brooklyn DAC+ is primarily reference USB2 DAC, but also line and phono analog preamplifier and a reference headphone amplifier. It integrates digital and vinyl hi-res playback for reference listening on headphones and speakers. All integrated functions are of the premium grade. Both phono preamplifier as well as a headphone amplifier are of the highest quality, they challenge dedicated units costing thousands of $$.

Brooklyn DAC+ was launched at RMAF 2017 in October 2017 and is now shipping. It replaces Brooklyn DAC which has now been discontinued.

Brooklyn DAC+ features the following improvements as compared to Brooklyn DAC:

– Sabre 9028 Pro chipset ( 9018 in older model)
– Higher grade, more transparent and less noisy analog attenuator circuit.
– Improved analog input performance
– Improved Phono Stage transparency
– Improved Headphone Amp sound (more detail, more definition)
– Dual mono analog path

In other words Brooklyn DAC+ has the same features as Brooklyn DAC but improved sound. It’s not a huge improvement, but noticeable, as Brooklyn DAC is still excellent sounding and best value in the price category when compared to competition.

Brooklyn DAC+ is now in stock and shipping. Brooklyn DAC remaining stock is being sold as well and available while supplies last.


CONVERSION: up to 384k, 32bit PCM, native DSD
up to DSD256, DXD, 130dB Dynamic Range

MQA HI-RES DECODER: built in certified hardware
MQA™ decoder


DIGITAL INPUTS: USB2 Class2 (OSX, Linux driverless,
all formats), AES/EBU (PCM up to 192k, up to DSD64 DOP), 2x S/PDIF (PCM up to 192k, up to DSD64 DOP), Toslink/ADAT 2x S/PDIF (PCM up to 192k, up to DSD64 DOP), SDIF3 DSD up to DSD256

CLOCK: “Mytek Femtoclock Generator™” 0.82ps internal jitter, Wordclock Input and Output (allows stacking multiple units for multichannel operation,
includes mch DSD)


ANALOG OUTPUTS: RCA, balanced XLR, simultaneous,
50 Ohm impedance

HEADPHONE OUTPUTS: Reference High Current,
High transient Headphone Amp, 500mA, 6 Watts,
dual headphone jacks, designed to drive hard to
drive headphones.


BUILT-IN ATTENUATOR: Choice of 1dB step analog attenuator, separate for main out and head- phones,
1dB step digital 32 bit attenuator and purist relay bypass.

BUILT-IN ANALOG PREAMP: Line level input or
Phono M/M, M/C input, relay controlled.


AUDIO INTERFACE FUNCTION: All digital inputs can
be routed into computer via USB2. Allows connection
of external digital sources such as CD Players and
digitizing ADCs.

REMOTE: Included, universal remote capable

FIRMWARE: Upgradable via USB Control panel



DIMENSIONS: WxDxH=8.5×8.5×1.74”=216x216x44mm

WEIGHT: 4lbs, 2kg

WARRANTY: 2 years