Dual CS 600 MK II

Dual CS 600 MK II --- 1400€

Technical Specifications

Speed r/min.:33/45/78
Speed accuracy %DIN / WRMS:+/-0,07 / 0,04%
Rumple unweighted signal-to-noise ratio:48 dB
Rumple weighted signal-to-noise ratio:72 dB
Connections:1 x Stereo RCA Buchse, 1 x Erdungskabel
Dimensions:440x135x370 mm
Weight:9,1 kg
Colour:Structure Black, Piano Black

Dual CS 600 MK II Made in Germany


The top model of Dual in an updated version! Making good things even better – true to this slogan the developers of St. Georgen in the Black Forest have improved the CS 600. The biggest change is platter. Now a 2,1 kg heavy aluminium platter is used. This ensures that it runs more smoothly and also minimizes external interference. Of course, the platter has an additional damping to minimize the resonance, too. As usual it is driven by a flat belt, which bring the tuntable to either 33 1/3, 45 or 78 rpm.

Tonearm technology:

This record player is equipped with a newly developed tone arm, unique to this player. The height-adjustable arm has a quadruple ball bearing Cardan joint and a particularly torsionally rigid tone arm head made of carbon fibre. 

Chassis technology:

The chassis is made of a heavy MDF frame (available in Black Structure or Piano Black). As with the predecessor a brass bearing for the platter is used in which the 10mm thick axle slides smoothly. The bearing mirror is made of Teflon and therefore extremely durable.

Drive technology:

Manual turntable. Driven by a electronic controlled DC motor. Delivery without cartridge.