Dual CS 458 EV

Dual CS 458 EV --- 550€

Chassis technology:

Vibration damping wooden chassis. Aluminium platter with antistatic felt mat.

Drive technology:

Belt drive with polished flat belt. Electronically controlled DC motor. Viscosity-damped arm lift. Automatic tone arm cue. Auto Stop with tone arm return. Supplied with magnetic AT 91E cartridge.

Speed r/min.:33/45
Speed accuracy:0,07 / 0,04 % DIN / WRMS
Rumple unweighted signal-to-noise ratio:48 dB
Rumple weighted signal-to-noise ratio:72 dB
Frequency Response:20 Hz – 22 kHz
Depth sensing capability:70 ym at 300 Hz
High sensing capability:0,55 % at 10 kHz
Resonance frequency:10 Hz
Eff. tonearm length:211 mm
Overhang:19,5 mm
Crank angle:26,1°
Dimensions (WxDxH):430x360x130 mm
Weight:6 kg
Colours:Black Structure, Wood

The well-proven fully automatic technology was redesigned here. Through the use of new materials and manufacturing methods the performance of the turntables, which are Made in Germany, was improved.