Calypso Screened audio cable per m

Calypso is a multiple screened interconnect cable with silver plated copper conductors. Its sound quality is enhanced by its thicker insulation that reduces distortion due to magnetic field interaction between conductors, giving a much clearer sound and better separation between voices and instruments. Calypso is the ideal cable for people who seek a much higher sound quality than we can offer from Minuet. To achieve this improvement in sound quality, Black Rhodium has used a much purer metal (SPOCC) for the signal conductors and provided much more effective screening against RFI The braided wire screen is fully covered by an aluminum foil tape and then a second screen, removing much more of the effects of RFI that very subtly diminish the clarity of your music. Calypso is highly versatile and can be used not only for RCA stereo interconnects, but also as a sub-woofer cable and as a digital cable between your CD player and Digital to Analogue converter. Cable can be purchased by the metre or the reel. Alternatively you can buy fully terminated cable from Black Rhodium dealers.

SPOCC high purity copper conductor wires New DM-PETM (Demagnetizing Polyethylene) insulation Conductive layer between insulation and screen to minimise microphonic noise Triple screen94% coverage braided screen Aluminium foil wrapping 89% coverage braided screen Attractive violet colour outer sheath Outer diameter 5.5mm ApplicationsRCA stereo interconnects Sub-woofer links Digital audio from CD to D-A

Calypso Screened audio cable per m 35€