Denon AH-D 401

Denon AH-D 401
Denon AH-D 401 Denon AH-D 401 Denon AH-D 401 Denon AH-D 401
Brend: Denon
Kod proizvoda: AH-D 401
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Futuristic design, advanced technology and unbeatable sound

The space-age styling of Denon's Urban Raver™ Over-Ear Headphones contains radical new audio technology, for an equally modern take on music. Featuring a 50mm driver and an integrated power amplifier for a deep but controlled bass experience, Urban Raver headphones offer a ground-breaking sound experience. Denon's control wheel allows easy control of Apple® iPods®, iPhones® and iPads™, while blue LED illumination and highlights makes a striking design statement.


  • 50mm driver and integrated amplifier for an intense but controlled bass experience
  • Denon control wheel and integrated microphone for full control of iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Pentagonal-shaped ear pads with memory foam
  • Two-axis ear cup articulation for a perfect fit
  • Rechargeable battery (Micro-USB) provides 12 hours listening enjoyment
  • Passive mode allows listening even with an empty battery
  • Striking styling includes illuminated LED ring
  • Carrying pouch with karabiner for easy attachment
  • 1/4" gold-plated adapter


A new type of Denon headphone for the latest music 
The latest music genres demand a new type of headphone. And Denon has delivered with its new Urban Raver designs. Presenting the kind of deep but controlled bass experience expected by lovers of techno, trance, hip-hop and drum 'n' bass, these radical headphones recreate the club atmosphere wherever you may be. Crammed full of proprietary Denon technology, these headphones offer a powerful audio experience that perfectly suited to contemporary music genres. 

Technologically-Advanced, just like your music:
Denon's Urban Raver AH-D401 Over-Ear Headphones feature a 50mm driver, a built-in headphone amplifier and rechargeable battery for an intense sound. You can choose between two different sound signatures, with the amplifier on or off. The rechargeable battery lasts for 12 hours, but your music doesn't have to stop when the battery runs out – you can still enjoy your favourite tunes in passive mode.


Feel the music. Not your headphones
At Denon we believe you should feel the music, not your headphones. In a quest to provide the most comfortable headphones, Denon's engineers have studied over 4,000 pairs of ears from people around the world, to come up with a design that automatically accounts for the subtle differences in ear shape, placement, ear canal size, and head size. We know that fit and comfort comes from paying attention to the smallest details. Denon's patent-pending pentagonal-shaped memory foam ear pads provide exquisite comfort, while our ball and socket ear cup design delivers the ultimate custom fit.


Designed for those who set the trend, not follow it Denon's Urban Raver AH-D401 Over-Ear Headphones are specifically designed for those who set the trend, not those who follow it. Featuring eye-catching colour combinations, illuminated LED lighting and sculpted styling these headphones make a striking design statement. Complete control from Denon's Control Wheel and microphone. Denon's Urban Raver AH-D401 headphones feature Denon's patent-pending control wheel on the ear. This allows easy control of your Apple® iPhone®, iPod®, or iPad™, and an integrated microphone for crystal clear call and voice recognition clarity. The Denon control wheel mimics the operation of a conventional rotary control. To turn the volume up, simply rotate the right control wheel forward. Volume down? Rotate the right control wheel backwards. Press the centre of control wheel to pause music or answer a telephone call.

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Denon Club smartphone application

  • Denon Club smartphone application, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, the world's first integrated application suite designed for young music enthusiasts
  • One-touch access to song lyrics
  • Update Facebook and Twitter status on music you like
  • Custom EQ & EQ presets: drag and drop custom EQ capability lets you experience music as you want
  • Integrated music player
  • Create custom playlists and instant queues of music for playback
  • Tune-In internet radio for internet radio enjoyment

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