Audioquest type 2 1m

Audioquest type 2 1m
Audioquest type 2 1m Audioquest type 2 1m
Brend: Audioquest
Kod proizvoda: Audioquest type 2 1m
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Cena: 8.00€
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Perfect for Budget Audio Systems and Surround Setups

AudioQuest's Type 2 speaker cable's SST Hyperlitz uses four individually insulated LGC copper conductors, two are 21 awg and two are 19 awg, making this a 17 awg (1.06 These conductors are spiraled for optimal signal carrying characteristics and good RF rejection. The four-conductor geometry provides a superior balance of forces between the opposing conductors. The performance is audibly superior to using the same conductors as a double set of twisted pairs. (UL/CL-3 rated.)

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